Electronic Engineering


    seebox "scientific engineering education box"

  • Seebox for Electronic Engineers

    Seebox combines the 6 most commonly used electronic test instruments into 1, at a fraction of the cost and desk space required for conventional test equipment. Simple in its design and construction, this robust device is compact and light weight.

    It comes standard with a unique lock mechanism, so it can be installed in a shared office environment. Engineering colleagues can access the Seebox as-and-when needed, while it is safe and secure.

    The Seebox supports both Android devices and Windows operating system. Users can bring their preferred device, connect it and quickly run their tests.

Measure What?

  • Electronic

    • Oscilloscope
    • Spectrum analyser
    • Logic analyser
    • Waveform generator
    • Pattern generator
    • Power supply
    • Etc.
  • Scientific

    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Flow
    • Wind
    • Sound
    • Etc.
    • Etc.
    • Expansions

      With the Seebox’s clever design, it also allows for modules to be attached to expand its measuring capabilities. It supports a range of add-on’s to include electronic instruments like multimeters, digital bus converters, data loggers, etc. Now there is no need for a large test bench filled with separate instruments any more – together with the add-on modules, the Seebox can measure anything an electronic engineer needs.

    • Support

      We have also recognised the needs of non-professionals in any organisation. The Seebox is accompanied by short animated videos explaining the different concepts in electronics and physics – in such a way that even the electronics novice can understand.

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