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  • Learning about Electronics through the Seebox Franchise

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    Now we are offering the award-winning Seebox for Engineering education to you as a franchise.  For a limited time, we offer our Early-Adopter franchise package at a hugely discounted price. Here is what you need to know about becoming a Seebox franchisee.

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  • Why Seebox Training?

    • Today’s young people will enter a job market where 47% of all jobs have been replaced by Artificial Intelligence and Automation.
    • While Electronic- and Electrical Engineers & Technicians will be in high demand.
    • Electronic professionals can find work anywhere in the world.
    • 86% of engineering students never finish their degree. Seebox gives you the advantage.
    • Seebox isn’t an educational toy – the learner will master difficult abstract concepts.
    • Content is CAPS aligned for specialized subjects only taught in Schools of Technology.
    • Learning style is self-paced and based on active experimentation.
    • Seebox is a multi-award winning and unique educational solution for engineering training.
  • How it works

    • Every Seebox is an electronics teacher plus a mobile electronics lab – all in one box.  The Seebox franchisee needs no specialised knowledge of electronics or engineering.  All you need to do is take this amazing product out to the learners who can benefit from it via weekly classes, and let the Seebox do its magic for them.
    • With every Seebox you get years’ worth of valuable educational content, together with interesting experiments to challenge and keep the learners engaged.  We designed the Seebox to use experiential learning to make difficult abstract concepts understandable.
    • Once a user has registered Seebox becomes their own dedicated, experienced electronics teacher, letting them learn at their own pace.
    • After every weekly 1-hour lesson they get a progress report via email.  Employers or parents can also log into the Seebox’s website to view their progress in real-time.
  • Target Markets for Seebox Training

    The franchise offers unique solutions for the following distinct and separate market segments:

    • Secondary Schools

      There are 8,000 high schools in South Africa, not including the homeschool market.  Target ages are from age 13 onwards, though some bright 11-year olds have used it.  We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from learners and parents.

    • Workplace Skills Development

      This is aimed at companies of any size and across multiple sectors, including technology, factories and mines.  Companies are able to utilise their Skills Development funds to upskill their workers, and also their Corporate Social Investment budget (CSI) to sponsor classes for learners at a franchise.  Seebox offers EWSETA certification for workers who have completed the course.

  • Is a Seebox Franchise for You?

    The Seebox franchise is for anyone who is passionate about education and always dreamed of working for themselves. Because the Seebox uses self-paced learning and guides the learner through the videos, questions and experiments, the facilitator does not need to have any technical knowledge.  All you need is passion and drive to grow your business.
    Furthermore, you will receive 2 days of training in all aspects of operating your franchise, putting you on the road to a successful and lucrative business.

  • What the Experts say about Seebox

    • “a very positive contribution to schools and educators teaching this very important education stream” – Wimpie Lodewyk, NAST (National Association for Schools of Technology, SA).
    • “The Seebox franchise is very exciting because it ticks all the boxes for corporates, Enterprise Development, Supplier Development, Corporate Social Investment and Skills Development.” – Transformation Executive, Adcorp (listed company).
    • Educator’s Review of the Seebox

Interested in the Seebox franchise? Send us an email at info@seebox.education or call us at +27 87 230 0134.