In 15 Years From Now Your Child Might Be Unemployed.

In 15 Years From Now Your Child Might Be Unemployed.

Did you know by 2030 many traditional careers will be replaced by technology?

I’ve been an electronic engineer for 18 years and designed dozens of new products spanning many industries. I saw how often the great engineers got exposure to engineering when they were young, learning by being curious.

So together with a team of engineers, I set out to invent a device called SeeBox that will address the worldwide shortage of engineers by introducing young learners to the principles of electricity and electronics.

SeeBox is an award-winning innovation, having been a finalist in the IPA, won 3 prizes at the SA Innovation Summit and is now a finalist in the AEAward.

This device, the Seebox will enable all schools and every parent at home to create the next generation of EE engineers.

Seebox is a unique interactive game console that comes packed with video tutorials to spark kids’ interest in engineering, through fun gameplay & practical electronic experiments.

SeeBox enables learners to understand the basics of electronics and develop problem-solving and abstract thinking without the need for an electronics teacher present. SeeBox could help unlock a future in ICT for your child. It contains all your child needs to prepare them for Engineering studies at tertiary level later on.

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Finalist Innovation Prize for Africa 2015 (top ten from 900 entries)
Winner SA Innovation Summit – Best Social Innovation, Best Design, Best Pitch 2015
Winner of Educational category in Africa Entrepreneurship Award 2015 (from over 5000 entries)