Seebox launched at Teachers Conference

Seebox first launch-event:

After two and a half year’s full-time development, the innovative Seebox is now ready for the market.  It was launched last week at the SA Teachers Union Free State conference, with good feedback from teachers. The Seebox is a South African developed instrument that empowers schools to offer Electronics without requiring a knowledgeable teacher. Seebox has garnered widespread recognition, also internationally, for its innovative approach to technical training for children.

Seebox Awards

In 2015 Seebox won Best Educational Solution at the Africa Entrepreneurship Awards.  It was singled out from 3,814 entries from all over Africa for its potential to develop the African youth in technical fields.  It was also one of ten finalists from 925 entries in the Innovation Prize for Africa. At the SA Innovation Summit 2015, it won the SAB Foundation prize for Best Innovation, the Standard Bank prize for Best Design, and the PwC prize for Best product Pitch.

South African entrepreneur and engineer, Johann Kok, developed the Seebox as an educational game to teach young people electronics, and empower them to become participants, and not victims, in the coming technological age.  Johann says “My mission is to train the next generation of engineers in an entertaining and gripping manner from a young age “.  Seebox will address the global shortage of engineers by exposing children to the principles of electricity and electronics from an early age.

The importance of early exposure

Johann maintains that it was his early exposure to electronics that determined his later career path.  His father was Head of the Electricity Department of the local municipality in the small town they lived.  During school holidays Johann would explore among the discarded and broken electronics at his father’s workplace, taking apart old machines to learn about their working.  He later completed school at the Technical High School Louis Botha in Bloemfontein, after which he studied electronic engineering.  This early exposure is what inspired Johann to develop the Seebox.  He wanted to give children the opportunity to be exposed to electronics at a young age, and unlock a potential career path to them.   One can only develop an interest in any field if you were exposed to it at some stage, and most learners have no exposure to electronics.   While many traditional careers are set to be replaced by technology, Electronics are one of the fields that the global shortage is expected to rise.


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  1. It’s been a pleasure watching this developed into a fully working product.

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