Value for Electronics Professionals

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  • The Seebox for Electronic Engineers

    The Seebox was designed first and foremost as a professional test- and measurement instrument to be used on the desk of every electronic engineer or technician. We took the 6 instruments that electronic engineers use the most often and combined them into one futuristic-looking device.

  • The Seebox professional model integrates all the following instruments into one:

    • Oscilloscope
    • Spectrum Analyser
    • Arbitrary Waveform Generator
    • Logic Analyser
    • Digital Pattern Generator
    • Programmable Power Supply
    • Multimeter (optional add-on module)
  • Integration of Functionality

    This integration of functionality brings about a significant saving in cost, space and time, as well as exceptional possibilities with the integration of data, such as automatic event correlation, predictive measurements, smart analysis of serial buses and programmable triggering.  A practical example is: an engineer can choose to view the current drawn from the PSU as a 3rd channel on the oscilloscope. The engineer can then set up a trigger, to trigger the waveform generator to output a specific signal when this happens.

  • Seebox Expansion Modules

    Every engineer needs some specialised meter from time to time. Something like an LCR meter, a CAN bus analyser, a current clamp meter or even something more scientific, like a light, sound or temperature meter. The Seebox has been designed to take add-on modules that expands its functionality to almost limitless possibilities.

    What is more, an engineer can browse the list of add-ons right from the Seebox’s software according to what needs to be measured. When the engineer identifies the add-on that can measure what he needs, it can be ordered right from there and delivered within a day or two.

  • Seebox for Android

    We designed the Seebox from the onset to work with tablets and smartphones in addition to computers. An engineer can now use the Seebox with a tablet or smart-phone connected to it, to view graphs and measurements.

    Seebox Designed for Renting

    The Seebox has also been designed with renting in mind. There will be a rental option, whereby someone can order a particular add-on, or a whole Seebox plus add-ons for only a few days. The products will de-activate after a set period of time and become useless until re-activated by a K Measure agency.

  • After sales Support – Calibration

    For professional engineers accuracy is very important and this implies regular calibrations. The calibration and repair process is usually a very lengthy process that can take weeks and can be quite expensive. Seebox distribution points will have a calibration device so that professionals can take their Seebox in and within an hour have it calibrated, certified as accurate or repaired.

  • Seebox for Remote Measurements

    The top-end model will include functionality to make it suitable for remote measurement and data logging where there is no mains power. A company can place it at their remote unmanned stations and set it up to take measurements for months on end. They can then retrieve the data by physically retrieving the Seebox or receive the data at their head office via a mobile phone network.

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