Value for Tertiary Electronics Education

  • seebox for tertiary education in electronic engineering

  • The Seebox for Engineering Tertiary Education

    When designing the Seebox we took the instruments that an electronic engineer uses every day and turned it into a powerful education tool for tertiary education institutions to use in the training of the electronic engineers of the future.  It has unique features that will make life easier for the electronics lecturer, like automated examinations and more.

  • Ecosystem of Educational Videos

    The Seebox is a professional test instrument, but it is accompanied by a whole ecosystem of educational material, all aimed at empowering institutions to prepare their students for a career in technology. This includes animated videos, experimental boards and practical tests.

    The animated videos use familiar concepts, like water flow, to explain different concepts in electronics in an entertaining way. Immediately after watching such a short video, a student can apply the newly-gained knowledge on a playboard, gaining real understanding by experimentation. These educational videos can also serve to refresh a student’s memory during practical class, so that the lecturer can spend less time repeating the same information over and over to different students and more time assisting with difficult problems that arise.

  • Learner ID System and Lock Mechanism

    We came up with a unique lock mechanism for the Seebox so it can be securely locked to the desks in practical labs. This means the lab can be left unattended and unsupervised throughout the day and night.

    We invented (and patented) a unique student identification system, called Learner ID, that makes it possible to record a student’s activity while using the Seebox. The Learner Management System compiles an accurate and reliable record of the electronic concepts the student mastered, the educational videos watched and the total number of hours spent on practical learning. This Learner ID data could help a student to get a job or bursary, since it is a measure of the student’s practical and problem-solving abilities.

  • Seebox Add-on Modules

    The Seebox was also designed to be expandable, to accept add-on hardware modules that turns it into an unlimited number of other electronic instruments like a Multimeter or LCR Meter. These add-ons cost only a fraction of the price of the equivalent separate instrument and use the same familiar user interface of the Seebox.
    Science add-ons will turn the Seebox into a science measuring and data-collection device. With the Seebox science students can do fun  assignments  that  measure  and  correlate  data  from diverse physical phenomena. For example, a student can do an assignment where wind speed and solar radiation is measured for a year, to determine whether it will be more cost-effective to build a wind or a solar power station.

  • Seebox for Android

    We designed Seebox with the ability to use either smartphones, tablets or PC’s as a user interface and data processing platform. This means practical labs don’t have to be equipped with computers any more.  Students can bring their own tablets or smartphones and connect them to the Seebox.

  • Playboards

    The experimental boards are called playboards and are designed to enable new entrants to the field of electronics to easily construct simple circuits that each demonstrates one basic electronic concept. These playboards are designed to be very affordable for students.  A student will watch a training video and then apply what he has learned on a playboard, getting immediate feedback as to his understanding of the concept.

  • Seebox for Practical Exams

    The Seebox is also accompanied by software that allows a lecturer to quickly and easily create practical exams to test the students’ understanding of a new concept, or their general problem-solving abilities. And since the Seebox does the grading of the tests as well, it will alleviate a lot of pressure on the lecturer regarding practical exams.

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Professional Test Instrument

And lastly, the Seebox is ultimately a sophisticated professional test- and measurement instrument, with specifications comparable with other high-end test equipment. It was designed to be used by professional electronic engineers on their desks every day, so the experience accumulated while using the Seebox will be useful to the tertiary education engineering student for the rest of his or her career.