Seebox Youtube channel reaches 36,000 views

Seebox Youtube channel reaches 36,000 views

The Seebox Youtube channel has been running for some time now and the responses we’ve received serves as a powerful validation of our unique way of teaching Electronics.  Our “What is Voltage” video received almost 36,000 views, and here are some of the comments we receive:

“This is the best explanation I’ve heard so far! Thank you very much!”


“Wow! I am absolutely astonished because neither my teacher nor all the videos I watched were able to explain what voltage was.  This video offered the best explanation and I really wish it would be the first thing anyone who was confused came across.  Thank you!”

Making Electronics simple is what drives us to continuously expand our Electronic Engineering teaching platform, making more and more explainer videos.  We believe that the abstract concepts of Electronics can be made understandable to anyone, and this is what informs our videos.

Add to these explanations the practical experiments the user does on the Seebox directly after learning the concept, and you have the power of an Electronics Teacher and a Lab in one box.  Seebox offers an experiential learning experience, resulting in clearer understanding and knowledge-retention.
Our mission is to create the Technical Workforce of the Future.

Watch the Seebox Youtube here.